Me In A Nutshell

I'm an undergrad at Carnegie Mellon University currently pursuing a double major in Cognitive Science and Computer Science, as well as a minor in Robotics.

My interests lie in both how computer and human systems work, and how to use that cross-section of knowledge to better engineer both systems.

To that end, I am on a couple research projects that fall into these two fields. With CMU's ECE Department, my research looks at energy-aware computation in DRAM and I am currently working on a project for efficient physical memory allocation of non-contiguous data structures. With CMU's Human-Computer Interaction Department I am prototyping a user model for a rapport-building virtual tutoring system.

In my free time I play Pokémon and SMITE at a semi-professional level, trick (a mix and gymnastics, martial arts, and breakdancing), and I love taking naps. I used to also love creating short films and expressing all I could artistically, but time is in high demand now-a-days. I also love theatre. I participate in Carnegie Mellon's club theatre troupe, Scotch'n'Soda Theatre. Most of the time, I stage manage or production manage but I also love directing and acting occasionally.