Me In A Nutshell

I'm an undergraduate electrical and computer engineering major and physical computing (robotics) minor at Carnegie Mellon University.

My interests lie in both how computer systems and human “systems” work, and how to use that cross-section of knowledge to engineer the best products for human use.

To that end, my current research projects focus on these two subject matters. With CMU's ECE department, my research looks at how energy behaves in RAM as well as how to re-write the virtual memory manager to take advantage of hardware structures in RAM. With CMU's Psychology department and Children's School, my research examines how to use amplify development of executive function in children through the combination of video games and exercise.

In my free time I play Pokémon and SMITE at a semi-professional level, trick (a mix and gymnastics, martial arts, and breakdancing), and I love taking naps. Any other time that I have left over, I use for theatre. Most of the time, I stage manage but I also love directing and acting ocassionally.